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Stardew Valley

Pack your bags and quit your job, you're a farmer in a small town now.

That's the game, play it, it's relaxing and fun.

But actually

  • Become a lumberjack
  • Cook various foods
  • Explore dungeons
  • Search for treasure
  • Farm and Get Rich
  • Make Wine and Cheese
  • Get Married
  • Go to Festivals
  • Die in a Desert
  • Collect Stuff
  • Hoe for days
  • Tend to your thirsty Blueberries
  • Tend your slimes and rabbits
  • Die to your slimes
  • Do nothing
  • Design and build your farm
  • Become an interior decorator
  • Have Kids
  • Realize you don't want kids and send them off
  • Gift people wine till they're drunk and like you

Honestly it's a very tranquill experience, and you can just let the time pass, there's no pressure.